Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunday Morning Scramble School - Idolatry

So in Sunday School for the past two weeks, we've been talking about idolatry. Now, I know that when most of us hear the world "idol," we're either thinking about statues (like Baal in the Israelites' time) or American Idol. But one quote we read from Martin Luther was very interesting:

"As [the First] Commandment is the very first, highest, and best, from which all the others also its work, that is, faith or confidence in God's favor at all times, is the very first, highest and best, f rom which all other [works] must proceed, exist, remain, be directed and measured."

Whenever we sin, the root cause is a heart idol, something that replaces God as the most important thing in our lives. As usual, Sunday School reminded me of a couple Odyssey episodes (and an Odyssey song) that deal with idols in our lives.

  • Between You and Me, Album 39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen
  • In My Image, The Truth Chronicles
  • Good Things, Performed by M'kalister Park, Written by Garrett Vandenburg
In Between You and Me, Connie and Mitch begin to spend a lot of time with each other after Mitch's return from the Witness Protection Program, which cuts into Bible study. In this case, Connie and Mitch's idol is their relationship. I love it when Connie gets distressed over Mitch's possible decision and tries to find Whit, but he seems to be trying to avoid her. When she finally gets to talk to him, she tells him that she feels like everyone has abandoned her, even God. Whit looks at her with that sad smile (in my head) and says (in that warm, grandfatherly way), "But who abandoned whom?" This has grown to be one of my favorite Whit scenes, but the emphasis here is putting God preeminently in our lives, not just prominently or remembering him at mealtimes.

In My Image uses the story of William, Affirmus, and Otto to illustrate the idol of ourselves. We don't like God telling us what to do, so we ignore him and rebel by doing what we want to do, which is sin. Thing is, if we're our own god, and we try to get them to follow our ways, it only makes us unhappy. It's only by following God and his paths to find true joy. 

Good Things by Garrett Vandenburg even illustrates how good things, like Adventures in Odyssey, can be idols if they are a higher priority and prominence than God.

It's my addiction
I can't resist the attraction
It's so easy
To lose myself in a place called Odyssey
Is it a sin
If I can't control my reaction?
I can't help but see
That it's starting to take over me
'Cause when good things
Become bad things
You can't exactly trust your gut
And when good things
Become bad things
You can tell because it's never enough
It's never enough
Am I the only one
Who can't control this monster?
Such a simple thing
And it's become such a disaster
'Cause when good things 
Become bad things
When you let them take over your life
And when good things
Become bad things
It gets so hard to see what's right

Thanks for reading, everybody! Hopefully, as you go through life, you can draw parallels from Odyssey to the Bible to your life. 'Cause while there's good things, there's even better: the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

For more information:
Good Things from M'kalister Park, an Odyssey tribute band

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  2. Thanks Old Judge/Alex Jefferson! We're appreciating the positive feedback and shoutouts; we checked out your blogs and they're both going on the links list! :D

    1. Well, this is in my top three Adventures in Odyssey blogs. You guys do a superb job.