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Josh Ko's hand is a pot-dipper. Recently completing his senior year of high school, he served as the Vice President of Operations at his school's Interact Club, co-captain of the local Relay for Life team, president and founder of EC Melting Pot (a race relations organization), and president of the Young Voters Club. He's an alto saxophonist in three musical groups on his high school campus and a swimmer on varsity swim team, as well as a beginning Dramatic Interpreter on his school's debate team after going undefeated in the 2013 Novice Championships in Parliamentary Debate. When he's not busy with those things, he's working as an assistant casting director and production assistant on a short film and working on those college applications and drivers' ed. Josh has received numerous awards for his work in radio, music, and essay writing. He recently returned from serving as a delegate for the 76th session of California Golden Boys' State and an ambassador to Yale University studying Grand Strategy through the Ivy League Connection. He's a recent graduate of Summit Ministries' worldview and apologetics training conferences and is working actively to make sure that everyone is able to have a voice in the world. Whenever he has spare time, he's reading, writing, catching up with friends, catching up on media (that means TV, film, books, magazines, podcasts, blogs, Odyssey, radio, etc.), and coming up with even more ideas to busy himself with - while getting ready to attend UC Berkeley in the fall! Joshua 1:9.

Ally Ko is an average upcoming junior kid in 2014, not an award winning Oscar winner (sorry to disappoint you guys). She LOVES GOD, loves friends, loves food, loves to draw, loves to write letters, and loves you guys. Tennis, baseball, basketball, and football are her favorite sports to watch and play (because she's so overly active and fit). You might've recognized her from her work in Clubhouse Magazine (Check out the Members Magazine for 2012 and 2013!). Look for all the Odyssey related pictures and an Asian girl who drew them - you have found her. Ally was baptized in May 2013, and is learning how to live out her faith and defeat the demons of the teen world in the podcast and real life. She recommends you listen to Lecrae if you like Christian rap, Tenth Avenue North, or any type of jazz. Because jazz is awesome. Odyssey entered Ally's life through her brother and family listening to it everyday which greatly influenced her. She'll be there for you if you ever need someone to talk to or just have them listen (she's a good listener) or pray for you. :) 

Puppy Norman is an award-winning media mogul whose name is known throughout the stuffed animal world. Although only eleven, he is already arguably considered the most famous stuffed animal in the world, recognized through his work in music, theme parks, television, film, stage, and screen. He currently serves as Executive Producer on the Stuffed Animal Channel hit show Puppies, now in its third season, and will become Co-CEO of the Puppy and Woofy Company when he turns 21 (his current job title is Special Advisor to the CEO). He also continues to produce Puppy's Pet Shop, the award-winning long-running children's show on Playhouse Stuffed Animal, now in its eighth year, after starring on it for four.

Woofy Doggy is a small little sweetheart. At twelve years, he is already an established presence in television, theme parks, and film. His single Bad Dog went platinum in 2006, and his first effort in music, Woofy Doggy, was extremely successful. At the age of nine, Woofy made his directorial debut, Nerdiness. He is currently working on his sophomore release in the recording studio. One of his many talents is sleeping - a lot. When he turns 21, he will become Co-CEO of the Puppy and Woofy Company (he currently serves as Special Advisor to the CEO). He loves listening to Adventures in Odyssey. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and sleeping - a lot. 

OCO is a commentative and humorous look at the Focus on the Family radio drama Adventures in Odyssey (AIO). We review the latest episodes and the occasional episode (starting from the beginning), besides writing thoughtful pieces on the latest in AIO news and how God works in our lives through Odyssey. You can check out our AIO Wiki page here!

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Winner of 2 AIO Websters, Best Blog and Best New Blog/Site/Podcast

"...a great addition...in the online fan community." - Jacob Isom, The Odyssey Scoop

"I'm liking the look of this blog. :) I look forward to reading more from you guys in the future!" - Christian A., The Voice of Odyssey

"This is in my top three blogs. You do such a wonderful, organized job with mature, professional writing." - The Old Judge, Twists and Turns

"It is a joy to read this post. As a fellow Christian, I connect to your story. It makes me excited, joyful, and nostalgic. Camp is a wonderful part of my childhood and high school faith walk. The memories and lessons that you have as a result of this one camp experience will stick with you forever. I also enjoyed the back and forth between the two of your stories. You both had very different journeys. I love the honesty and reality that you showed in your beginning of your camp adventure. There was so much I loved about this post that I just don't have time to respond to. Thank you for the handful of nuggets of truth. It was a blessing to me." - Erin on Our Camp What-a-Nut Experience, published August 5, 2012

"Please keep up the good work." - Victoria Donahue, AIO Thoughts

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