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Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally had five produced episodes released in 2013. Hear the pilot and all five here!

"In the pilot to Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally, Puppy enters a new role he's not ready for and Woofy tries to maintain a role he's very ready for, while Josh tries to get a new role that could change the world of Odyssey as he knows it, which no one would be ready for. Plus, our fearless hosts explain what this new podcast is all about and what's happening in the season to come."

Listen below:

Pilot Episode: NOW AVAILABLE! Expected release date to iTunes: TBA
The Yak With Zach: Shepherd Ambassador - NOW AVAILABLE HERE
The Yak With Zach: This is His Voice - NOW AVAILABLE HERE
The Yak With Zach: Parker, Matthew - NOW AVAILABLE HERE
The Yak With Zach: The Lightning Round - NOW AVAILABLE HERE

When Mr. Ralph Adams, station manager at Odyssey 105, hears Candid Conversations with Connie, he convinces Mr. Whittaker to give him the rights to start a national spinoff on internet radio, as long as he finds the right hosts that know their Odyssey. Introducing...Josh and Ally!

Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally is an engaging, engrossing conversational podcast who bring on fascinating guests and talk candidly with them on a variety of topics. As well, the opening and closing segments are hosted by Josh and Ally's stuffed animal friends, Puppy and Woofy, who provide a "Chris"-like role to the show. 

Candid KOnversations is a non-profit audio podcast created and produced by Ko Media inspired by Focus on the Family's popular radio drama Adventures in Odyssey. It combines the bro-sis, friend-sis relationship of The AIO Blogcast, Abby and Mandie, and The Boredom Buster; the storytelling and humor of The Ceiling Fan and The WodFamOdPod; the analysis of JAAIOP, the Whit's End Blog, and the Unofficial Podcast; and the conversational conversations of Connie! During these segments, the Kos will also engage in adventures that translate over to the interviews, creating a story element to the podcast. Combining all the great elements of a fun AIO podcast, from interviews to outrageous, hilarious stories, to human, realistic characters, to important life lessons, Candid KOnversations is a podcast you're not gonna wanna miss!

The first season aims to tackle media and its effects while beginning to explore morality and what happens when things look more grey than black or white. Themes of pride, humility, and Biblical love will also be included, while still managing humor and drama through it all!

"That. Was. Amazing. Excellent acting, and so funny. And YES, it actually does have a little to do with Odyssey. I like the change in sound quality to completely shift the mood...and so many good lines. This was worth the wait. I laughed a great deal, and grew to like the characters very quickly. The plot you got going with that quick drama toward the end is hilarious...So original. I just cracked up during that, and at many points. A marvelous work, and I hope we can look forward to more." - Pound Foolish; Campbell County Message Boards blogger, guest AIO blogger at Just Another AIO Blog

Trailer #1:
Trailer #2:

Candid KOnversations follows the exploits of our four hosts (Josh and Ally, Puppy and Woofy) and their interviews with people related to Adventures in Odyssey. It must be noted that the characters you hear are meta versions of their real-life selves, with the exception of interviews (which are the real versions of our real-life selves). Have trouble keeping track? Don't worry, just remember that the story elements in the show happen to the fictionalized versions of the actual creators of the blogs, so no trips were taken to any shady alleys or anything in actuality when creating this podcast! Oh, and our last name is "Go" in the podcast while our actual last name is "Ko." And if you can imagine a less exaggerated form of Puppy and Woofy (less mean and less slow, respectively), that's their personality in real life. Just so we got that cleared up...

Josh Go (first from left) is your typical teenager who's obsessed with Adventures in Odyssey. While chosen by the illustrious Mr. Ralph Adams to host the spinoff of Candid Conversations with Connie (one of the most popular talk radio shows in the town of Odyssey), he's saddened by the fact that he's still never visited Odyssey or even talked to Connie. His drive to work on the show is productive, but could lead him down a winding path of ethical choices, one heck of an odyssey indeed. 

Ally Go (second from right) is Josh's sister and co-host of Candid KOnversations. She doubles as the producer, which keeps her on her toes. Can she keep up with the high demand of an Odyssey fan talk show/reality show podcast/life?

Puppy Norman (second from left) is a 10-year-old media mogul. He is arguably the most popular stuffed animal on the face of the earth, rivaling Elmo and the Beatles. While self-centered, rich, blunt, and occasionally bratty, he's also funny, sweet, and smart. 

Woofy Doggy (first from right) is a 12-year-old puppy media mogul, and co-owner of the Puppy and Woofy Company, as well as being Puppy's best friend. Woofy is the best counterpart to Puppy's character. He's old-fashioned, slow, formal, and kind, much like the animal version of Tom Riley.

Candid KOnversations has concluded its run. Hope you enjoyed it! If you want more, email

*Episode titles subject to change.


  1. Hello,

    I have been checking periodically to see when the podcast would come out.

    I was wondering if I could be put on a RSS feed that would tell me after each podcast came out, or an email that tells me so? Not sure how this could be done.

    1. Hey Michael, thanks for your interest in Candid KOnversations! It makes us even more excited to share it with you. Check out our latest post for the latest information on the podcast, but the short answer is that we plan to put Candid KOnversations on a RSS feed and on iTunes - when it comes out either at the end of this week or the beginning of the week. You can also follow our blog by email (check the Follow by Email thing on the right) and you'll get every post by email, and I'll definitely do a whole post to commemorate the pilot. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Humph. Yet another Odyssey thing on Youtube that I CAN'T GET TO!