The Odyssey Phone Book

Welcome to the Odyssey Phone Book, a place to find the information you need to communicate with the good ol' folks in Odyssey! You'll find people by their first names, not their last names. Information has been taken from Family Portraits #1, 3, 9, and Odyssey #715-716.

Odyssey's not named after the epic Greek poem by Homer. Around 1887, the townspeople got together to get themselves a name. When it came to Doc McAlister, he said it should have something to do with where the town is. "It's in a beautiful valley, a place everyone oughta-see." And so it was.

Some of the neighborhoods don't have sidewalks.

Mr. Barnes - lives on Oak Street
Bob McKay - former member of Odyssey who used to live on Oak Street, moved away with his family in 1987
Blair Hudson - not very popular, but trying to fit in by going with the crowd
Colleen Walker - owns PR company with Larry Walker. She lives on Oak Street.
Davey Morrison - Whit's neighbor across the street, once ran away to hide in Whit's house
Doc McAlister (deceased) - Alive in 1887, member of founding family of Odyssey, came up with name for the town, owned drugstore (not an actual doctor)
George Poindexter - mailman in 1987, enjoys coffee and donuts
Hudsons - See Blair, Richard, and Ruth...they lived in Odyssey in 1987.
Imagination Station - a virtual reality devices that allows guests to have their imagination come to life through Bible stories and events in history
Jimmy/Bob - an employee at Whit's End trying to save up enough money for a car
Jenny Whittaker (deceased) - Whit's wife (married in 1945), makes great coffee and apple pie, passed away in 1978
John Avery Whittaker - See "Whit."
Larry Walker - owns PR company with Colleen Walker, specializes in promotion for small organizations and educational organizations, moved to Odyssey in 1987 to handle PR for OCC. He lives on Oak Street.
Maple Street
Matthew Parker - a kid who goes to a church
McAlisters - founding family of Odyssey
Mrs. McAlister - lives on Oak Street
McCollum Middle School - three blocks south from Whit's End
Oak Street - Mrs. McAlister, Mr. Barnes, Walker family live here, McKays moved away in 1987
Pete - went to McCollum Middle in 1987
Richard Hudson - works in business in Odyssey,
Roger - took math at McCollum Middle in 1987, helped Shawn with her math homework
Rosie - Tom Riley's cat, has had triplets three times
Ruth Hudson - Richard's husband and Blair's mom
Shawn Walker - She sings, paints, and has a great sense of humor. She's lived in Chicago, New Orleans (where she liked Mardi Gras and big funerals), Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver, Seminole (Ohio), Klamath Falls (Oregon), and most recently, Los Angeles (where she enjoyed watching Dodgers games and going to the beach). She knows a lot about Crater Lake, and it's her favorite place as well. She attended McCollum Middle beginning in 1987.
Sherman - Whit's dog, but Dylan Taylor now owns him
Tom Riley - farmer
Tony - went to McCollum Middle in 1987
Walkers - See Larry, Colleen, and Shawn Walker...they live on Oak Street.
Whit - John was born and raised for a few years in Scotland. His mother died when he was born and his father married a Scottish woman named Fiona Donnerall who raised him and his brothers and sisters. John moved to Odyssey in 1971 with his wife Jenny and his kids from Chicago, where he worked as a researcher for Universal Encyclopedia. He and his wife Jenny were married in 1945 for 33 wonderful years. He invented the Imagination Station.
Whittakers - influential family in Odyssey: John (owner of Whit's End), Jenny (deceased community activist), Jason (manager of Whit's End, secret agent), Monty (Secret Service agent who helped stop the Green Ring Conspiracy)
Whit's End - A bookshop/coffee shop/conversation place in McAlister Park. Coffee and pie are sold there.

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