Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thoughts on See You at the Pole

Tomorrow is See You at the Pole Day; a time where kids all around the world gather all around the flagpole and sing and pray together. Our school's revamped Christian club (which started last week to 60+ members, praise God!) is organizing one, and we heard it in the announcements in second block. 

My radio teacher, who's a spiritual guy who picks and chooses from different religions, felt that that was infringing on separation of church and state, and that it shouldn't be near the flagpole as it associated Christianity with patriotism. I strongly disagreed, and we lightly debated both yesterday and today before moving on. Yesterday was a terrible day in general, and so I did my homework till 2 AM and moved on. 

Today was different. Fresh off my positive reactions to my James Madison impersonation (for A.P. U.S. History class), I remembered The Forgotten Deed, where a similar event happened where Whit and the gang tried to protect Whit's End from being shut down since it was on government property. I emailed him with evidence from policies passed by President Clinton and several sources about other religions using patriotism for their own personal gain, and he responded with this:

Okay , so I am flatly awestruck..

how do you manage Calculus, tracking this rather "tentacular" issue .. and info digging / exhcange with a mentor / teacher / learner ? ..  

I do NOT have any real concerns about religious meeting on campus and never have .. i rather thinks is enviable .. stylistically,  this flurry is curious and interesting to me .. as there are , necesarily, over and undertones ..

and this confusing era .. I observe that what works .. and that I seem to get right along the best with, all those who attend to the deepest heart of thier compassion and citizenship teachings  .. I do believe that only the meek inherit ( can have a right relationship with ) the Earth .. a miraculous manifestation of the mind and glory of G[od].  

I post this not to paint my teacher as a Cryin' Bryan Dern. The point of this is to show you that the spectrum of people, personality, and thought is infinite...God's incredibly creative. Point is, don't label non-Christians as people who don't want to hear anything about Christ. While the battle between good and evil is black and white, our human nature is grayer as we are natural sinners, but God can also use us for good if we let him. My teacher is an agnostic (believes in some sort of spiritual force), but his goal for the radio station is to change the world by playing music from all cultures and introduce musical and cultural diversity around the globe. I'll be on the air next week and will let you know when I'll be on!

Don't be afraid to speak up to your teachers when they say something you don't believe. Don't be afraid to question Christianity; go online, ask a pastor, friend, or family member! And don't be afraid - God is blessing Odyssey, and he will bless you too. He's just waiting for you to ask. (NOTE: Not a prosperity gospel promo - don't take that TOO literally, you guys)

I'm hoping to eventually cover apologetics, The Truth Chronicles, and Odyssey with you guys; I really just need more hours in the day! I probably won't be out at the pole tomorrow 'cause I have jazz, but hopefully some of you will be up with me early in the morning.  As I'm jazzin', I'll be praying for all of you!

And now, back to my regularly scheduled APUSH/AP Calc etc. homework. Whit's Flop when I have time...


  1. I know this is completely random, but you guys have a page on the AIOWiki now. Surprise!

    1. You literally made my day. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Well, did you like it? Like the quotation marks with your introduction at the top and everything? Not to be haughty or anything, but I've made several pages for the Wiki, and that is the pinnacle of my designing. Hope you like it! When will your next post be out?

    3. It's so fancily beautiful! Thanks much! I'm working on some new posts while I'm typing this...