Sunday, December 9, 2012

Whack! The Yak With Zach!

Hey everybody!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in this past Wednesday to hear The Yak With Zach! It was a lot of fun and I loved talking to everyone who called in!

Ben C. and Anthea, thank you for all of your amazing questions; I got to ask almost all of them on the air!

And now I have two exciting Christmas goodies to share with you today...

1. The Yak With Zach is being edited.
Why is this so exciting? If you haven't listened to our interview and review sesh with Austin and Tasha, check it out! Don't worry, I'll wait...okay, so our big project that we've been working on is a new podcast called Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally.  We're hoping to put together the first episode by the end of the year! Here's the official description:
When Mr. Ralph Adams, station manager at Odyssey 105, hears Candid Conversations with Connie, he convinces Mr. Whittaker to give him the rights to start a national spinoff on internet radio, as long as he finds the right hosts that know their Odyssey. Introducing...Josh and Ally! 
Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally is an engaging, engrossing conversational podcast who bring on fascinating guests and talk candidly with them on a variety of topics. As well, the opening and closing segments are hosted by Josh and Ally's stuffed animal friends, Puppy and Woofy, who provide a "Chris"-like role to the show. 
Puppy Norman is a 9-year-old media mogul. He is arguably the most popular stuffed animal on the face of the earth, rivaling Elmo and the Beatles. While self-centered, rich, blunt, and occasionally bratty, he's also funny, sweet, and smart. Woofy Doggy is a 11-year-old puppy media mogul, and co-owner of the Puppy and Woofy Company, as well as being Puppy's best friend. Woofy is the best counterpart to Puppy's character. He's old-fashioned, slow, formal, and kind, much like the animal version of Tom Riley. 
Candid KOnversations would be a non-profit podcast created and produced by Ko Media inspired by Focus on the Family's popular radio drama Adventures in Odyssey. It combines the bro-sis, friend-sis relationship of The AIO Blogcast, Abby and Mandie, and The Boredom Buster; the storytelling and humor of The Ceiling Fan and The WodFamOdPod; the analysis of JAAIOP, the Whit's End Blog, and the Unofficial Podcast; and the conversational conversations of Connie! During these segments, the Kos will also engage in adventures that translate over to the interviews, creating a story element to the podcast. Combining all the great elements of a fun AIO podcast, from interviews to outrageous, hilarious stories, to human, realistic characters, to important life lessons, Candid KOnversations is a podcast you're not gonna wanna miss!
COMING SOON TO THIS BLOG NEAR YOU! Check out the official page above for more information - it's now been fully updated with description and expected release dates for the first five episodes.

2. A sequel to Odyssey Nerd is underway!  
We're really excited about this one. Why? You'll know if you listened on Wednesday...if you did, don't tell! ;) We hope to get that out to you guys by Christmas.

That's it for now; if time permits, I'll try to catch up on Album 56 reviews this week. Merry Christmas!

P.S. Please pray for me - I'm going through doubts and uncertainties in my faith and am requesting your support. Thank you!

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