Sunday, February 10, 2013

721: The Holy Hoopster

THE ODYSSEY TIMES (Facts, notes, & quotes about Odyssey from this ep):
-NEW: the Odyssey Owl Radio Network
-Coach Chang Fang is back!
-Camilla takes a new career as a watergirl, while Nelson spends time as a benchwarmer.
-Ally's favorite character sorta Ryan Cummings is there! :D
-New team name: Trenton Knickerbockers
-"Prayer isn't about working or not working. Or winning and losing. Prayer is about a relationship with Jesus. That's what's important." - Ryan
-"Has it occurred to you that the reason he's nice is because of all that prayer stuff?" - Nelson

Surprisingly, I didn't find that much to say about this episode. I did really enjoy the real-life parallels (Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow) to the Odyssey world - but if you wanted to hear more about that, you could just check out Ben Warren's review over at The Changing Times

The introduction of the Odyssey Owl Radio Network was interesting, but was it really necessary? Why didn't they just broadcast it via Kids' Radio like they usually do - are Odyssey residents really gonna turn on the radio to get the latest updates on middle school basketball as much as the NFL or NCAA? Regardless, Jay was a definite highlight of this episode with his color commentary work and great lines.

Don't get me wrong; I loved this episode. I'm mostly nitpicking to give feedback on what could have been better. The middle got a little slow for me as Ryan went into a slump. Another interesting angle that the plot could've taken could have been to have Ryan have some big "mess-up" or "scandal" that made everyone question "just how holy the Holy Hoopster" is. But those are moot points; the chemistry with all of the characters felt great, and the music/sound design was as on-point as ever. The Lightning Livingston made the Odyssey Nerd in me feel very satisfied, and the acting continues to be terrific. 

Overall, The Holy Hoopster is another engaging sports plot by Marshal Younger with a lesson that applies to our times and appeals to both kids and adults, with terrific chemistry between all of the actors. Although the pacing is slow at times, I give it a 90/100, or a


Buy this episode and 11 others on Album 56: The Grand Design via CBD
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  1. Well, actually, I thought that the Odyssey Owls Radio Network was a programming block on Kid's Radio, but, oh well.

  2. That would makes sense, OJ. (I don't usually use abbreviations for user names, but how can I not use that one?)
    Anyhow, a nice review. It's odd you find the pacing slow, I found it entertaining from start to finish. But anyhow, personal opinion of the episode aside, good work as always Josh and Ally. The Odyssey Times bits you make are very unique and fun.

  3. Let's all ditto Pound Foolish, 'cause thanks to OJ, the Odyssey Owls Radio Network makes sense now. I thought it was pretty much a great episode; it was just that certain parts in the middle were a little slow for me. Thanks guys, and happy Valentine's Day! (I better turn on some Kids' Radio for some 'The Last I Do.')