Saturday, February 9, 2013

Garrett Vandenburg & Blimey Cow on Worship

With a little help from Garrett Vandenburg, blimeycow creates a video that exposes just how repetitive worship songs can be. When we worship, let's put our all into praising the Creator, the King of Kings, instead of telling him, "Whoo hoo. Hallelujah. Yeahhh."

Worship should come from the innermost part of our soul. We were made to worship after all - so why shouldn't we settle for the very best?

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday Morning Scramble School wherever they are - I'm working to put another one out in the spring. Reviews for Holy Hoopster/The Lost Riddle coming Sunday and later in the week, respectively.

Two steps away from finishing the pilot for Candid KOnversations.


  1. I agree. Worship music should not be so repetitive that a five-minute song could easily have been three minutes and just as powerful. Repeating a 10-second chorus 8 times simply to make the song have a more impressive length is not good music, and not from the heart. Anyway, good post!

    1. So good to hear from you on the Internet again! Thanks for reading.