Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Short Little Update on Life


Thank you, Odyssey nerds, lovers, likers, visitors, and listeners, for checking in on us although there's been a lack of a post for GASP almost a month.

So why, you ask? Well...

May, weekend 1: SAT Subject
May, weekend 2: Debate Novice Champs
May, weekend 3: Disneyland band trip
May, weekend 4: SAT Prep/Memorial Day

Plus finals and Relay for Life and ceremonies and awards and illnesses and AP tests and...yes, it's been quite the busy month. For me personally, I've averaged a lower amount of sleep and burned a lot more gas (of the car variety) as of late. 

So, anyhoo, I'm in the midst of studying for the SAT and then it hits's time to send some kind of update to all y'all for sticking with us. And yes, I don't have a Southern accent in actual life, but I like mixing in all kinds of great expressions from all parts of the world. So there.

Haha, so anyways, this weekend, I will be taking the SAT on Saturday morning. Please pray for God's guidance. LOTS OF IT. (: Afterwards, the weekend will be spent recording Episode 2 of Candid KOnversations and teaching Ally on all kinds of blog/podcast stuff.

If you haven't heard, I have an incredibly packed summer that will unfortunately leave me unable to do much blogging. I'll be training Ally within the next week and a half to take on more of my responsibilities, so you'll be getting a whole lot of Ally this summer! However, one of the things I'm doing is an apologetics conference in Colorado Springs (plus a fieldtrip to Focus on the Family...YEEEEEEE), so I'll take Odyssey with me and attempt to review one episode every night when I'm not, you know, conferencing. 

Alrighto, I think that covers everything for the time being. Prayers and fingers crossed that ep 2 comes out next week! And of course, if you're interested in becoming a part of the blog and helping out Ally, send us a sample of your work (in whatever, from writing to artistry to podcasting to reviewing) at!

Take care - it's almost summertime!

UPDATE 6/2: We got through a majority of recording today for Ep 2 - it ran pretty smoothly! - Woofy


  1. Okay, I seriously thought this place might be abandoned. I haven't checked here in weeks. Thank goodness you're back. And WOW, you're life's been PACKED! Little wonder things have been quiet here. I hope all that is going well.

    1. Thanks PF! Hope you're having a great summer; I'll be back soon!