Sunday, June 9, 2013

Late Night Postin'

Good early morning Odysseyians!

Sadly, it's Sunday, June 9th, and episode 2 of Candid KOnvos is still in post-production. I would post a preview for you, but my eyes are starting to give way. 

In the meantime, just wanted to say a short little goodbye while I'm off at camp, and in the meantime, Ally will take over for a while! So to all of you wondering if the blog's on a "hiatus," it's not. There should be something by Ally within the next couple of weeks, and the podcast will be out in July. 

Anyways, get your Odyssey fix on this summer, spend time in God's Word, and take the Call to Serve (either the Odyssey contest and/or God's), sharing God's love with others! I'll share with you all everything (well, not EVERYYYYTHINGGG) that happens when I get back! 

Happy summer,

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