Monday, July 29, 2013

Greetings from the End of Summer

Hey there OCO readers!

Thanks so much for checking in on us throughout the summer. We've tried our best to provide as much stuff as possible for you - meaning one post. Sorry! I've been all over the place over the past seven weeks and I'm heading out again in 11 hours to take the Grand Strategies course at Yale. I'll come back two days before school starts and try and catch up! It's been crazy. Luckily, Ally has just finished an intense graphic noveling workshop and is now able to put some more time back into the blog. Puppy and Woofy have agreed to do a couple posts while I'm away, so I thank them for taking time out of their very busy schedules (Puppy is about to start shooting the third season of his hit show Puppies as executive producer while Woofy is working on his third studio album [and first in nearly seven years].) 

I honestly don't know if I'll be able to do any posting this week, which would be the only time since the class will be incredibly demanding (and starts this Sunday). We'll see. 

On Candid KOnversations:
We released the pilot out in April and were incredibly appreciative of the positive response and feedback we got back from you guys! We promised the next episode and an iTunes release really soon - and it didn't happen. I have no idea what's up with iTunes and am working to figure that out, so for the time-being, iTunes is TBD. The second ep is pretty much complete, but it still needs sound work. As exec producer, I've decided to take the standard TV season approach. The first ep you heard is the pilot/preview. Like regular shows (such as Odyssey), the second ep/season premiere will release in the fall, sometime in September. We're working on a theme song to go with the podcast and stories for future episodes. 

For the next three weeks while I'm gone, I'll be posting on another blog:

I'd love for you to check that out, if you're interested in what the Ivy League Connection is and how my adventures on the East Coast go. Head over there now and you'll get a short glimpse of what I've been up to so far, from Camp Royal to Canada to Boys' State to Summit Ministries to Relay for Life to lots and lots and lots of reading.

Well, that's it for now. I'm handing the reins back to Ally, Puppy, and Woofy. See you soon!

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