Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Memorable May + Jubilant June

Hey, it's Ally! It's been a busy school year, and a busy last few weeks but here I am!
Finally writing another post, I know it's been a while and I'm super sorry about that D: it's called school. And other events which I will enlighten you about! (Don't worry I'll relate them to Odyssey. After all it is an Odyssey blog isn't it?)

In May, our youth group went to an indoor mini golfing place, which is basically mini golfing. Inside. It was awesome to see the crafted courses resembling the Bay Area! I did so terrible though, I hit the golf ball out of our course and into others, I'd get a 6 on most of my holes. It was embarrassing, but loads of fun. Kind of reminded me of Wooton when he played golf with Fox Fletcher in "Nothing But Half the Truth" (Album 42), how he hit the ball of out of the course.

On Mother's Day, I and two of my very good friends got baptized! We've been Christians ever since we were little, but Jesus put on our hearts the desire to proclaim our faith and declaration in Him! To be honest, it was teary, all smiles, and a blessed time, and I was baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now when I was reading my testimony, I was scared out of my mind. I was sharing my life story to this whole crowd of people. It was crazy and I didn't know if I could do it. But after a little fast praying and realizing it's just all family and friends there in the crowd, I told them about trials I've had, family members with illnesses which led to questioning about God. Even though my loved ones didn't have serious cancer like Karen Crosby from "Karen" (Album 3), they still had faith just as strong that God would heal them. Satan gives us doubts to believe so that we would doubt in Jesus, but "When in Doubt...Pray!". That's exactly what showed how God blessed me, now my family are cancer free and recovering from strokes. It's amazing what God can do and how He made this a way for my faith to become stronger. God does answer prayers! It may not be the way we would want it to turn out, but it's the way God wants it to be.

"I remember an ol Scottish prayer my mother taught me when I was a wee girl. It goes, 'Lord, I thank thee a thousand times for the roses. Help me to thank thee for the thorns as well'."-Fiona Donneral "Thank You, God" (Album 3).

That Sunday was wonderful because we could celebrate my mother for Mother's Day, and my baptism with family and friends! Plus, many college students that have gone to our church came home to see their families so they also could see us get baptized WHUTTTTT. (allGod)

Our seniors graduated in early June, which for both of us (Josh and I) were sad to see go. These seniors were smart, talented, funny, and great leaders. When the valedictorian went up to speak, it reminded me of when Connie was one in "The Graduate" (Album 31), and how the audience sang a hymn after her declaration of not defying her school authorities with her prayer. I wish that our school could do one, but since it's public school, they didn't :(. But it was a great speech, funny and enjoyable to hear! We got to play for our graduates, which was an honor for me!

Right after school was out basically Josh was off at camp and I was driven to Anaheim to visit relatives! I got to see my friend Kara and we went to THE GETTY CENTER IN LA IT WAS SO COOL OH MA GOODNESS ART IS AMAZING GUYZ. (not like i'm great at it but it's so inspiring and just so *girly squeal* too cool) Yeahh I like art guys. I can't be like Penny Wise who is "a very good artist". But I can try my best! Anywho that was really fun (I know I'm a boring person looking at art all day and gawking at it but it's gotta be art I like otherwise yes the museum would be boring). And I ate a lot. Not as much as Wooton does. But I ate a ton and it was great!

THEN JOSH CAME HOME YAYYYY. AND WE WENT TO VANCOUVER! It was awesome!! We stayed at a bed and breakfast called Haddon House, a historical house from the 1920s that was restored! It was beautiful! It's in Burnaby a small city with a lot of history like Odyssey! They even had a museum, a reenactment of the village of Burnaby in the 1920s I believe! IT WAS SO COOL. Like they had an old school house (some of the children from the Haddon house went there and we knew that cuz their last names were Haddon.), we saw an old radio station, the chapel (someone from the 1970's got married there! WHUT.), they even had an old carousel indoors like in the movie "The Sting"! Yeah I like old stuff guys... Like jazz! ME AND BARRETT JONES ARE AWESOME THOUGH CUZ JAZZ IS AWESOME. :) anywho... We went to a gelato place called La Casa Gelato and Ice Cream and get this: IT HAD 218 FLAVORS THERE. No not 9 out and the rest in containers, like literally 218 flavors to choose from. Not a typical Whit's End there but it tasted alright. It was more fun tasting flavors. And eating. We also visited famous parks such as Stanley Park with the totem poles and at the Stanley Rose Garden we saw a TV show that was going to be or was filmed! It was for "King & Maxwell" on TNT (never heard of it) but it was cool cuz everyone was dressed up as if going to a wedding! And of course something disastrous happened cuz the FBI and police and fire department was there (We asked the SWAT guy what was being filmed. hehe). Kinda like Connie and Mitch's wedding except we don't know what happened in this episode of "King and Maxwell". We also went to Vanduzen Garden! It was so beautiful, reminding us of God's creation! It was sad when we had to leave, leaving a beautiful city, a beautiful home we stayed in, and a great vacation, but I'm glad we went when we did!

Vacation's still going on, so it's only the beginning! But what great adventures have you begun this summer? LEMME KNOW I'D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT :) Yes this wasn't a review of an episode or totally Odyssey related (I'm sorry) but I wanted to share some memories that were made and some things that were related to Odyssey since after all it is an Odyssey blog! Still working on the podcast slow and steady! A post from Puppy is coming up so look forward to that! Thanks for reading!

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  1. It was good to read another excerpt from your life as related to AIO, Ally. I always enjoy those. And that you were baptized is so neat!
    I hope there will be more soon. And boy do I look forward to that podcast. Thanks for plugging away while most of the other blogs are, um, on summer vacation and have abandoned all us blog followers. ;)