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729: No Chemistry Whatsoever

Hey everybody! Hope you're having a great week. Things are starting to ramp up again, but so much as in my junior year. Prayer for balance and continued quiet time would be much appreciated.

If you haven't already, listen along with me and read The Odyssey Times below as you listen to No Chemistry Whatsoever for my quick takes and thoughts.
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THE ODYSSEY TIMES (Facts, notes, and quotes about Odyssey from this ep):
- I feel like I've heard this opening theme before. Bonus points to whoever knows!
- 7:30 AM Chemistry? At least when I had 7:15 AM classes, it was jazz band.
- Professor Sharp. Heart surgery? THAT'S your excuse? Pshh.
- I love Connie's exaggerations and Penny's realities. Normally, it's the opposite.
- I keep thinking that there should be some kind of conflict of interest, but then I remember that they're actually not related. It just seems like it since they've been on the radio for so long.
- If Jay ever listens to this episode, he knows what to bribe Barrett with (HINT: it rhymes with daughterpearled.)
- Connie Kendall, former valedictorian, receives a D for the first time since 10th grade.
- "You gotta put something in to get something out, I always say. You don't get anything good by doing nothing!" - Penny
- "Do you have a photographic memory? Yeah, but it hasn't been developed yet. Ba-doom-da!" - Olivia and Barrett's corny response
- I think the Bible is telling me to REMEMBER LOT'S WIFE.
- "John 11:35 - Jesus wept. Yeah, probably 'cause he knows what you're up to." - Barrett and Olivia
- Is Eugene's proton joke from the same jokebook he wrote in Around the Block (Album 46: A Date with Dad)?
- Is it just me, or does Eugene sound older?
- Loving how the Gospel has been talked about more and more this season, such as how Jesus talked about Lot's wife.
- "The bleach oxidizes the hair's melanin molecules, leaving it colorless." - Penny's wide knowledge of chemistry
- Ah, metalloids. I remember those.
- Congratulations on your B+!
- Hard work pays off! Colossians 3:17 - Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of Christ Jesus.

It seems like so long since we've had an episode that focused on Eugene and Connie's relationship, especially since I've tried to forget about Connie's bedazzler in You're Two Kind. Unlike the aforementioned episode, Chemistry manages to bring in some great character development for Eugene, Connie, and Barrett; plus a great supporting role by Penny. 

My only complaint lied in the dialogue. A lot of it felt canned and a little cliche across the board, especially Olivia's lines. Sorry, Kelly Stables! I also felt that Olivia was portrayed as almost obnoxiously good, pointing out Barrett's flaws in a way that I felt came across as too harsh. It's been interesting to see how her character has changed from someone really annoying (See: Albums 51/52) to a slightly less grating character but one who is trying to become a better Christian. This episode harkened more to the old Olivia, which I wasn't the biggest fan of. 

Other than dialogue issues, Kathy Buchanan's script was top-notch. Every seemingly random detail was tied up throughout the episode, from Eugene recording his schedule (to set up the hilarious ending punchline) to Barrett's reference to John 11:35 after memorizing it earlier, shown then as simply a punchline. The chemistry metaphor played really well, especially since Will Ryan and Katie Leigh continue to have an incredible...chemistry! Penny served as a straight man, which was even funnier than when she just plays normal Penny because it's not a common occurrence. I'd love to hear more of that. I loved how Ms. Buchanan tied in A License to Drive to show how deeply the characters care about each other and how that affects their relationship and rivalry. The role reversal realization was another great character moment with Connie, who has been on the upswing since Something Old, Something New and looks to continue with future episodes such as Life Unexpectancies. The sound design and music weren't anything extraordinary, but drove the plot along. 

I'm glad to see Whit offer wisdom in a less conventional way after being seemingly chained to the ice cream counter for the past while. The Barrett and Olivia relationship is something good that continues to build, except for the Olivia dialogue snags. The comedic moments hit really well, and the whole episode just felt really charming, in a good 'ol WodFamChocSod kind of way. 

No Chemistry Whatsoever offers an extraordinary amount of chemistry between its cast, as well as a lot of comedic moments and characterizations. With a great script (that obviously had a lot of hard work put in) and serviceable sound design and score, I give this episode a 93/100, or a


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Best Script - Kathy Buchanan

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