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732: Repent After Me

Happy Monday! Just kidding. Silly, those don't exist. 

If you haven't already, listen along with me and read The Odyssey Times below as you listen to Repent After Me for my quick takes and thoughts (aired originally September 14).


THE ODYSSEY TIMES (Facts, notes, and quotes about Odyssey from this ep):
- Priscilla hit academic probation a couple years ago.
- Katrina's been installing a new physics lab at Odyssey Middle School.
- Hoo hoo hoo! Whit's impressed laugh sounds quite Owl-ish.
- Eavesdropping Emily's at it again!
- The Jones and Jones Detective Agency are on the case!
- Twist: the locker belongs to no one!
- "Or she - villains can be female, you know!" - Emily, making the cause for villain equality
- Mr. Redekop - hmm, that name sounds familiar. (:
- "Repentance is more than feeling badly for what you did and trying to fix it. Those are important things, to be sure, but another key is confession. Admitting what you did to God and the person you harmed and asking for your forgiveness." - Whit
- Oh snap, Emily's not the only detective on the block, and Matthew's not the only Parker who could be in a detective agency.
- Bren McFarland, you're a cheater! 
- There was only one real suspect this whole time.
- "They were a public service for disadvantaged students who needed a helping hand with, you know, the rigors of a tough school schedule." - Jay thinking fast
- "The last step of repentance. What's that? Accept forgiveness." - Olivia and Barrett
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For me, the most exciting thing about this episode after I had heard it for the first time was that I had figured out who the culprit was long ago. The exciting fact was that I was riveted still the entire time. That's due to another great script by Marshal Younger (another winner after last week's More Than a Feeling) and the always talented Nathan Hoobler. While the opening scene had a lot of exposition at the beginning, we started moving briskly along.

The entire episode was an intriguing case study on repentance and how God uses other emotions, such as guilt, and people, such as Olivia, to guide us back to Him. Or as I like to call it ('cause I'm feeling rhymy tonight), an interesting meditation on motivation. With all due respect, this blew most of the typical "mystery" cases we've heard lately out of the water because the suspense was so character-driven and not so gimmick-based. I loved the mystery-solving teamwork element between Emily and her brother - it made the mystery so much more interesting hearing a dynamic we don't get to hear often enough.

ASIDE: In this new era of Odyssey shows, family time is a very precious thing. The last time the Parkers were all together was...An Agreeable Nanny? Three years ago? The Jones last convened in Emily the Genius - two years ago. The emphasis now seems to be on the "gang" of kids - being Matthew, Olivia, Emily, Barrett, and Jay; with Priscilla and Camilla recurring. END ASIDE.

My favorite part of this episode was the relationship between Barrett and Olivia. This season, we've been able to see them interact in both humorous, partnering, and dramatic situations, and the character development has been huge. Major props to Kelly Stables for one of her best, if not her best, performance as Olivia, handling some really dramatic and sleuthin' scenes really well. Some commenters have wondered if this is the beginning of a triangle with Priscilla - frankly, I don't care. Whatever the writers decide to do with B/O is fine as long as the development continues, because the growth is a huge positive for the show.

My final comment is on the placement of this show in the season (SPOILER ALERT). With the knowledge that Jay had, of course, once again concocted a plot to get Barrett in trouble, I thought that this would've been a great lead-in to The Friend Formula, which showed Jay attempting revenge and intel on Mr. Jones. With the order of the shows, it appeared Jay had learned nothing from Friend Formula, which he may have well have, and grasped no new developments after the friendship with Riley. I would've preferred to have them swapped, but who knows, maybe the writers are building toward some ultimate Jay-Barrett showdown in the near future. 

A script that dabbles in mystery and delights in character development is not only a joy to listen to, but a joy to learn from about repentance, and that's what Marshal Younger and Nathan Hoobler do here. With great performances from Christina Puccelli and Kelly Stables and a good starring turn by Andy Pessoa, solid score and sound design, this is one episode to repeat after me. I give Repent After Me a 96/100, or an


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Best Episode
Best Script - Marshal Younger and Nathan Hoobler
Best Sound Design - Rob Jorgensen
Best Actress - Kelly Stables (Olivia)
Best Scene - Barrett and Olivia wrapping up the episode

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  1. "- "Or she - villains can be female, you know!" - Emily, making the cause for villain equality"
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