Saturday, November 23, 2013

Candid KOnversations (S1, E4) - The Yak With Zach: Parker, Matthew

We're finally back! College apps and English projects have not hampered us (well, for a week) in our quest to deliver part 3 to you! The final part comes at the end of your Thanksgiving weekend on Saturday. Send us your thoughts on Candid KOnvos by commenting below or emailing

And I'll try to post something about the Averys or an episode review this week!

In the third of a four-part interview, Josh and Zach turn their attentions to Zach's work as Matthew Parker on Adventures in Odyssey. The detective theme continues as Puppy and Woofy get suspicious over Josh's recent activities.

Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally: The Yak with Zach: Parker, Matthew
Written by Josh and Ally Ko, Directed by Josh Ko
Sound Design, Editing, and Original Score by Josh Ko
Running time - 20:00
Copyright The Josh and Ally KOmpany. 2013.

Zach's AIO Wiki page
Matthew Parker's AIO Wiki page

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