Friday, January 24, 2014

Bernard Walton

Dave Madden, center stage, courtesy of FOTF Pinterest
Everyone who's been a long time Odyssey fan has known all the main characters and the actors that have acted them. Last Thursday, January 16, 2014, I was sad to hear of the lost of our Bernard Walton, and also Reuben Kincaid from the Partridge Family, Dave Madden.

Dave Madden was a great actor who made Bernard into a sarcastic, grumpy, but a funny and dear friend to the Odyssians. He appeared in 94 episodes and played 19 characters on Odyssey in total. Bernard was a great story teller, who told the Bible stories of Joseph, Esther, Job, Saul and Jeremiah, and also some made up ones such as I Slap Floor, one of my favorite episodes. His interactions with the kids showed how much he cared about them through his own humorous ways. His arguments with Eugene, making fun of Connie, mumbling under his breath, and interesting remarks created a funny atmosphere for us Odyssey fans to listen to. His quotes were always super quirky - and who doesn't like quirky?

"Stuff me with spinach and call me a souffle."

"Stuff me with feathers and call me a pillow."

(for more quotes by Bernard check out:

Bernard was one of my favorite and beloved Odyssey characters and always will be. We miss him dearly, and are continuously praying for his family and loved ones during their time of grief. Dave Madden will always be remembered for his addition to Odyssey and the media world. Thank you, Dave, for making all the characters you've played come to life. We hope to see you soon one day.


  1. Lovely article. *sigh* It's so sad, but he lived a long life and his physical suffering is over.

  2. Hey, guys! Are there ever going to be any more posts? Ever?! Sorry to complain, you guys are normally so prompt. It's certainly not your duty or anything to keep dishing out my fun. ;P But I like your blog a lot and I miss it. Please come back when you two can.

    1. Sorry! Explanation article for the absence being written right now.