Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just So You Know About Get in the Show

Hey guys! This is a little last-minute, but we ended up making a special Get in the Show video for you! 

From the video page:

"Odyssey Out of Control presents Josh's wild dream. Created in three hours on the day before the Adventures in Odyssey Get in the Show Contest ends. How convenient! Even if you're not between the ages of 6-15, create a video with your family and friends together! 

P.S. Many apologies for Josh's voices in his head...they didn't get to warm up first! :)

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Enjoy, and we'll try to have time tomorrow to post our review of Taken


  1. That was an awesome video, guys! I loved the British accents and the Mad Hatter's cameo. Josh, you are amazing at accents and impressions. Will there be anymore?

    1. Wow, thanks very much. It was just something we tried to throw together on the day before the contest ended, and things ended up working out (cough cough thanks God cough)! I am editing another video to introduce who I hope will one day be a future mother in Odyssey; that should hopefully be up within the next couple weeks!