Sunday, August 5, 2012

Now Hiring

Ah, August. That magical time when summer still is in session...and school is only a couple weeks away. Uh oh.

This year I'll be starting my junior year, taking 3 APs, and if you don't know what they are, let me just say that they are a lot of work. 

So...for this blog to maintain frequent posts, I'm looking to take on a fellow blogger to write a review once a week, consistent with the style of the current reviews on the blog. 

Are you interested, but not sure how to write a review like the ones so far on this blog? Do you have the drive and passion to do one once a week? Let me know!

Send me a sample review or ask me how to write one at (or just comment if you have a question) and I'll reply back as soon as I can! However, if I decide not to take on another consultant to the blog or don't add you personally, don't feel bad. I'm just trying to prepare for what might be a long school year and may not even need another one.

So there's my speal (is that how you spell it?) about [possibly] adding someone else to the blog.

Need inspiration? Try Around the Block (Album 46: A Date with Dad).  

And hey, even if you send one in and aren't a "consultant," anyone is always welcome to post something on the blog if it matches up with the ideals of our blog and is okayed by me and Ally!

*Oh, and by the way. Since we're on the topic of announcements, we have a new development in the works that should be really exciting! We hope to tell you about it within the next few weeks to months.*


  1. Well, I would enjoy writing a few posts for you. I'll send you a sample review soon. Or maybe you want someone who doesn't have an AIO blog. I could understand that. I'm really excited about this mysterious 'development'. I did a similar thing to introduce AIC! Thanks for the post!


    1. Thanks Alex! We just wanted to let everyone know that we might need to take on someone else, but we won't find out if we fo' sho need one until the beginning of the school year. Whatever happens, we'll post your reviews and posts and such! Thanks for reading!

  2. Hey, guys! Awesome last two posts! Question: When will you guys release a new post, and what will it be about?