Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Got Our Parts to Play

Hooray! We have enough time to post! However, this week, we are unveiling a new feature! Exciting, right? So how come we don't have enough time to write a new review or SMSS? Well...we were filming our Get in the Show music video today at our church picnic, and it went extremely well! 

Our church really "got in the show."
Everyone's creative juices really seemed to flow and we'll be able to post it up and show you guys later this month - after everything's edited! Here's a picture of what we were up to this weekend... 

My, oh my. That "Get in the Show" song by Phil Joel? Yesterday, I spent all day prepping the song and getting it ready, and we filmed today, and I'll be editing throughout the next couple weeks...I've heard that song about forty times this weekend. Hopefully no one pops that song up in Radio class.

Anyway, tune in later this week for the new feature! Peace.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! That sounds amazing. And I'm super excited about this new feature! I must admit, I have absolutely no clue what it could be. But if it's on this website, I'm sure it'll be spectacular!