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720: Happy Hunting

Happy Monday! The pilot for Candid KOnversations is nearing completion, I'm done with calculus FOREVER (well, in high school anyways), and my jazz band did really well at a festival yesterday, so things are going well. However, things are slowing down at Campbell County Message Boards - please click on the link below and help us revitalize the site so I can have more people to talk to there! Plus, today, we get to celebrate the man who said that "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Thank you, Dr. King, for reminding us that we are all God's children who had His Son die for everyone, no matter what race, nationality, or sins we've ever committed or been part of so that we could be saved. And now, to our review!

THE ODYSSEY TIMES (Facts, notes, and quotes about Odyssey from this ep):
-So apparently, these paintings by Diego are doing really well by the "sophisticated." Humpty Dumpty, palm trees with bloodshot pop art making a comeback in Odyssey? I thought they were stuck in the past? ;)
-Don't worry Penny, I left the tag on a new pair of jeans until someone pointed it out to me. Fortunately for me, they weren't as expensive as your new boots!
-Why is Whit getting confused more often? It makes him seem older...
-"Laugh for seven minutes a day? I get black spots when I laugh for seven minutes. Those are endorphins, which make you happy! Actually, I think it's a lack of oxygen." - Wooton, Penny, and Whit
-Save the rib newts!
-How do you figuratively break your ribs?
-Penny's "ow, ow, ow" reminds me of Katrina in For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll (Album 29: Signed, Sealed, and Committed).
-JOSH'S AWKWARD REACTION OF THE REVIEW: Penny's adorable when she has allergic reactions and just as funny as Lindsey (Best of Enemies, Album 48: Moment of Truth).
-Wouldn't it have been hilarious if that happiness support group was Happy Smilers? (Happy Smilers, Album 37: Countermoves)
-"I never knew alliteration could be so irritating. Memorizing makes the mind more manageable! And alliteration annoys!" - Penny and Connie
-"The quest for happiness in and of itself can be a mistake. It can make us focus on ourselves, our feelings, to the exclusion of others. Sometimes God calls us to sacrifice ourselves in ways that won't necessarily make us happy." -Whit
-"It's an emotion. And no one can maintain an emotion for very long. At best, you can only create short bursts of happiness for yourself...the only kind of happiness...with Him involves peace, joy, and commitment that only He can give us. Those things can't really exist without Him." -Whit

Hearing this for the first time was very enjoyable. After the second time, I got deja vu - but not because I had heard it before. It was then that I realized that we HAD heard this before - two albums prior in Childish Things (Album 54: Clanging Cymbals). Penny feels like she's missing something in life, so she finds some kind of "advice" to help her find that one thing and tries to implement that advice in her life, and comedic hijinks ensue. This episode, while having a great wrapup by Whit and Chris at the end, accomplishes its lesson by having Penny repeat the same mistake and show us that Penny actually didn't learn anything from last time. But while I would've had Camilla star, what's done is done, and that's what we look at here.

I didn't mean to start the review off negatively, but let's go into the positives and observations now. Connie contrasts Penny by being the "negative Nelly" to positive Penny. It provides a funny and interesting dynamic between the two friends that's something we haven't heard before. Kimmy Robertson plays Penny adorably - yeah, that's the only word I can use to describe it, when she talks about the people who are trying to "squash your spirit," her tone alone is hilariously cute. Penny's still naive and a young Christian who acts a lot younger than her age, but she continues to be funny.

Is anyone else besides me upset over Jacques Henri's fake French accent? What nationality is he actually? Wooton is once again used for comic relief, but at least this time, he's given a barrage of comic material that sustains his character for the entire episode. Whit has been used well this whole season, and that streak continues here. His advice feels more organic and less mechanical, more Biblically-oriented instead of worldly-grounded. John Campbell's score is typical Odyssey awesomeness, but I was disappointed with the sound design for the bird sounds - it seemed very obvious that the voice and sound tracks were recorded separately.

Overall, Happy Hunting is an amusing episode that has a good lesson, great music, and wonderful performances by the main characters, but my smile was dragged down by weaker supporting performances, sound design issues, and a lack of character growth. I give it a 82/100, or a 


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