Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thoughts on Candid KOnversations Pilot Status

Hey everybody!

I'm Woofy, and I'll be one of the hosts of Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally! I'm really excited to work with the Kos again, and this is a really fun opportunity to do just that. I'll be relaying a message to you from the Kos since they're up to some art/school related work right now. So here's your podcast pilot update:

It's getting delayed. Again. Many apologies, por favor. See, Josh and Ally are entangled in a web of putting the podcast in iTunes and copyright issues and legal issues and it's a bit of a mess, really. We're trying to produce the very best that we can for you guys and with that in mind, it's gonna have to take a little more while. Our sincere apologies and gratitude go to you all.  

In the meantime, Josh will finish writing up Album 56 reviews, but the new pilot release date has been pushed back to February. Ally is also at work on an article, which is really cool, and I'll introduce myself in a later article, which is also cool! But you'll mainly find more about me in the podcast, so stay tuned! 

While you're reading this, if you happen to be an aspiring writer, sound designer, or musician; and are interested in joining forces with the Kos, or simply want to be a part of an Odyssey podcast, contact Josh and Ally ASAP if you're interested on working (and maybe acting) on the rest of Season 1 of Candid KOnversations! Email them at Click that link, man!

Okay guys! That's it from me, thanks for checking out my first article on this blog, and be sure to see the soon-to-be-released "About Us" section to learn more about the Kos, Puppy, and me! Goodbye for now!

Much obliged,
Woofy Doggy


  1. I'm looking forward to this. It sounds like it won't have much (if anything) to do with AIO, despite the name. However, if it's anything like your characters' intros on here, it'll be absolutely pricelessly laugh-till-you're-dead funny. You did a great job on that last article with Puppy Norman, Ally, and it was good to see you writing again. Although... he reminded me uncomfortably of me. Not that I'm ever vain, I'm far too perfect.
    I also can't wait for more articles. Keep it up, guys. This is one of my absolute favorite AIO blogs, right up there with JAAIOB and The Changing Times.

    1. Hey Mr. Foolish; thanks so much! I always appreciate your comments and PF Wisdoms! I'll try to finish up Album 56 reviews by March and the Candid KOnversations pilot for within the next couple weeks. Thanks for reading!

      Sigh. Must we go over this again? Thank you very much, Pound Foolish, for your kind words on my spectacular writing. That's right, MINE. While Ally's a wonderful writer, she's not MUAH, and although I'm only nine, I'm still capable of writing, since I do own a company and all that jazz. LOL anyways thanks, come to one of my concerts sometime and I'll give you a backstage tour and autograph because you said nice things about me. You're welcome!

  2. Oh... of course, your puppy-majesty. My mistake.
    @Josh That would be so fantastic!