Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thoughts on Candid KOnversations Pilot Recording

Me and Ally snap a photo of our amazing mugs. Well, mine's is amazing.

Hey guys. Guess what...it's a post on this blog FINALLY written by someone other than Josh! Goodness, that boy needs to take a break sometimes, he's too busy. JK (that means "just kidding" for all you non-texters) I shouldn't say that 'cause I'm the busy one! LOL

My name is Puppy Norman, and I'll be playing Puppy Norman on Josh and Ally's new podcast. I like to think of myself as a character actor because I'm a real character when I act and when I don't.  But anyways, I'm nine years old, and I don't want to be prideful, but Stuffed Animal Weekly has called me "the most famous stuffed animal on the planet." I'm co-owner of the Puppy and Woofy Company (but I won't be CEO till I turn 22) and I'm the executive producer of the hit show Puppies on the Stuffed Animal Channel as well as the star of Puppy's Pet Shop. I'm also a recording artist that has had several #1 hits (well, higher than Justin Bieber...BEAT IT BIEBS) like That's What I'm Talking About. 

Me and Woofy record one of our scenes together.
Anyways, on the podcast, I'll be playing an exaggerated version of myself. Imagine me as a more egotistical, mean, even more hilarious than I already am, and just amazing-er puppy. That last part IS NOT EXAGGERATED. And the only reason I'm mean and egotistical on the podcast is because Ally wrote the script. She owes me a new reputation. But amidst the arguing and critical script, I love her... in my own way. On the right is Woofy, my BFF (best friend forever). As you can see, he's...smaller than all y'all'd expect. But he's very friendly, like in the podcast and laughs like an old man. (JK...sorta.) I love that pup. 

Woofy brings the mike down to his level.
Now that you all know me better, since apparently the demographics of this blog don't really watch Stuffed Animal Channel or ANYTHING I do because of your Odyssey love, I'm proud to say WELCOME TO THIS AWESOME BLOG ABOUT A SHOW I DO NOT KNOW! WELCOME! Now you see how we record and you see how amazing we (I) are/am! We hope you enjoy the pilot (VERY LONG PILOT) and thanks for reading! Love you all mwah mwah email me if you want to talk to me (I <3 FANS AND I LOVE WRITING IN CAPS.) So long, sayonara!

-Puppy Norman, the only boy pup who has a high voice and is cooler than Justin Bieber

P.S. Now aren't these pictures more fun than whatever Josh is looking at - some pictures of "Adventures in Odyssey Album 57 Recording" on Facebook? I don't know what that is, but I do know that my pics are way more hip.

Who is that cool puppy? Haha, it's me. 

P.P.S. Josh told me to tell you that we have one more scene to record, one more scene to perform sound design on, and two musical cues to be written. The new target date is Monday, January 28. Yay!

SPOILER ALERT: Okay guys, if you're interested in some KOnversations scoop, check out Proverbs 16:18 in your B-I-B-L-E...it may give you a little teaser of one of the storylines this season! Oh, and our page has been updated with some info on themes of the first season. Check it out!


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    1. Hey, thanks Hiccup! But, may I ask why you assume that just because the writing is so amazing that Ally wrote it? Guess what, me, Puppy Norman wrote it with my own paws, and I thank you for your love. - Puppy

    2. Thanks Hiccup! :) We hope you're excited for the pilot!! :D Please excuse Puppy's... comment haha. He likes attention. A lot. As you can see (;