Friday, March 29, 2013

The Phoenix

March 29, 2013.

The day has finally arrived, and another chapter in Odyssey fan history comes to a close. With the release of the final episode of the AIO Blogcast today, Austin and Tasha Peachey have changed the game of AIO podcasting after 45 Blogcasts. How have later podcasts, including ours, been inspired by them?

1. The sibling dynamic.
After four years of Blogcasting, what are we going to remember most about the Blogcast? Why, Austin and Tasha, of course! Austin played a great brotherly straight man to the cheerful Tasha to make a great podcasting team and great dynamic.

2. The podcast epic.
Austin Peachey, P.I. Sibling Spies. Skye Weldon and the Crazy Cactus Caper. Austin and Tasha had one of the first podcasts to do more than review Odyssey episodes and talk about Odyssey - they created their own original drama.

3. The open discussion.
While most podcasts started out with just the hosts discussing Odyssey, Austin and Tasha followed suit - and then branched out to interview people from all walks of Odyssey life, from Andre Stojka to yours truly. Discussion became something that anyone could join in or participate in - a factor that has helped Odyssey forums succeed (just look at the rapid success of the Soda Shop Message Boards).

So thank you, Austin and Tasha, for four years of your hard work and dedication sharing your voices with us. It was an incredible odyssey, one we won't forget anytime soon.

Austin has been a huge supporter of our blog since its inception and has helped tremendously with the production of our own podcast, Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally. And here comes the title of this post...the phoenix is a mythical bird that lights on fire every night and rises again from the ashes each morning. The AIO Blogcast ends today. Candid KOnversations aims to learn from the Blogcast, creating our own dynamic, working on our own epic, and always encouraging open discussion. 

Today also happens to be Good Friday - a day in which we remember the incredible sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us - a perfect phoenix who lit himself on fire, taking the wrath of God for our sins for us - and rising from the ashes three days later.

Both the Peacheys and the Kos take the Phoenix (the rocketship that the Wikk kids travel on [The Quest for Truth, Brock Eastman]) for the same reason the Wikks do - we are on a Quest for Truth. 

The phoenix symbolizes new beginnings, and that message is especially prevalent come Easter time. If you're interested in finding out more about what a new beginning following Christ is, email us at

Have a happy Easter! And if you're on Twitter (unlike me), here's some hashtags for yo weekend.

#phoenix #lastaioblogcast #candidkonversationspreview

It's Spring Break! That means you'll be getting more posts since we're on vacation. I'm hoping to finish up Album 56 reviews and get to work on getting the pilot officially up and writing/recording Ep 2 of Candid KOnversations. Please email us or comment with your feedback!

Listen to the last episode of the AIO Blogcast here
Listen to the whole pilot episode of Candid KOnversations here, and get ready for its official release next week!


  1. Wow. That was really flattering. We're amazed at how much you guys like our podcast. Thank you so much!

  2. I enjoyed that, Josh, it was fascinating and nerdy fun... and I can't even LISTEN TO THE DARN THINGS! (I'll never stop complaining about that...) Thanks Austin and Tasha, for being the pioneers that blazed the trail we follow. You had major hand in taking Odyssey and turning it into a mini-cult of online geekism... and that's a good thing.