Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Candid KOnversations Pilot Finally Goes Live!

No April fooling here; friends, family, and countrymen. Today we finally announce the long-delayed (and hopefully long-awaited, at least by us!) pilot of Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally! And here's the summary:

In the pilot to Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally, Puppy enters a new role he's not ready for and Woofy tries to maintain a role he's very ready for, while Josh tries to get a new role that could change the world of Odyssey as he knows it, which no one would be ready for. Plus, our fearless hosts explain what this new podcast is all about and what's happening in the season to come.

Candid KOnversations with Josh and Ally: Pilot
Written by Josh and Ally Ko, Directed by Josh Ko
Sound Design by Josh Ko
Original music written by Josh Ko and David Ko
Running time - 16:27
Copyright The Josh and Ally KOmpany. 2013.

We'd love your feedback on how the first episode turned out! Comment below or email us at jandakocompany@yahoo.com, and be sure to let us know how you heard it (the preview on Dropbox or the premiere on the feed here) and what you thought of it. We already know there's lots of things to work on, but we need you, our fantastic listeners and readers, to let us know what you think! 

In the meantime, since Spring Break is this week (happy Easter!), we'll be writing and recording Ep 2, which has a tentative release date on April 20. I'm also hoping to do as much Album 56 reviewin' as I can, so check in for that!

My iTunes fellows: the pilot is on the way...don't worry! We'll let you know as soon as it's there.

Our new About Us page, with information on us and the characters on our podcast will be released today or tomorrow - so check back soon. So long for now!

Check out the official Candid KOnversations page here