Monday, November 26, 2012

717: Great Expectations, 718: For Three Dollars More, Interview w/ Austin & Tasha!

My oh my oh my oh my, what a long title.

Many thanks to Jacob Isom, who gave us a shoutout on our #19 reason why we're thankful for Odyssey, the Odyssey Scoop!

Today, we're proud to share with you...Austin and Tasha's AIO Blogcast, Ep. 41 for a double brother/sister duo podcast!

You'll find an interview with me and Ally, our reviews of Great Expectations and For Three Dollars More, and finally, the reveal of our secret project! Check it all out here!

Come back throughout the week to see this post updated with:
the podcast player here for easier access
a transcription of our reviews
information on our secret project
information on my upcoming interview with Zach Callison

Mark the date on your calendar! Wednesday, December 5 at 10 AM will be my interview with Zach Callison on KEcG Radio! Check our Friends of Odyssey section for the link.

Off to do some more fun stuff, like calculus and etc. 

We forgot to mention one thing on our last post. We're thankful for all of you readers. You inspire us to keep on writing!

Hasta la vista till later this week!

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