Sunday, November 4, 2012

Introducing Repack Recoveries

Hey everybody! Today at OCO, we're proud to present our new feature: Repack Recoveries! The new feature is available by clicking on the tab next to the "Odyssey Phone Book."

What does this feature do? Here's the goals, outlined on the page:

"Hey everybody! If you're like me, you're an Odyssey collector who's trying to get the new repacks because they're so awesome and illustrated by Gary Locke. Only problems is, it's hard to know which albums are actually available in stores and online, because in some instances, some new album artwork has been posted, but the physical copy hasn't been released yet, or vice versa. It's a lot for one mind to figure out alone, but together, as Odyssey afficionados, we can...this feature can't happen without you! If you've seen the new edition of an album, please shoot me an email at or PM me on the Soda Shop. Thanks everybody - and hopefully we can get as much information as possible as the Christmas season continues to approach!

Hey Josh, I bought Album _ at ___ on ____ (approximate)"

Our goal is to get this chart filled out by Christmas, so we'd love your help. So go visit and help update! 

What's coming up this month? We got reviews of Great Expectations, For Three Dollars More, The Bible Network, Happy Hunting, and The Holy Hoopster. I'm hoping that I'll be able to review Whit's Flop and Ally can finish her first article as well. For more, visit our Coming Soon section by scrolling below on the right column!

I host a radio show on KEcG! If you're interested in listening, scroll to the Friends of Odyssey section on the right column and look for KEcG. My radio schedule will be on the right schedule at the top!

At this point, we've reached over 2,000 pageviews! Thanks everyone, for your loving support over the past four months! We have numerous articles, features, updates, and additions in the near future; and we'd love for you to stay tuned. Thanks for being a part of Out of Control in Odyssey and we hope that you can continue to be! Thanks much, and have a great week! 

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