Friday, November 2, 2012

That One Secret Project

Hey guys! 

So if you've been reading all of our posts, you probably know that we've been working on several secret projects. Well, it's finally time to announce our biggest one!

Just not on this post. But very soon (like super soon)...get excited!

Comment on your predictions below! Unless you have no predictions. Then you should comment " ". 

If you're like me and school's holding you back from running to Colorado Springs to hug Katie Leigh and say howdy to Zach Callison and Andre Stojka (plus congratulate Anya, Anneliese, and Shona!), we can watch the webcast together live here at 9:00 AM MST. Okay guys...get out those brains of yours and calculate what time it starts for you! Go!


Okay. So I hope to watch with you...I'll be chatting tomorrow morning on the Soda Shop Message Boards and I'd love to talk with you! See (chat) with you then!


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